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Indian weddings are known for an array of pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding rituals. All these occasions require decoration to make these occasions special one, Shagun decoration are very important due to its great significance. The venue of the Shagun ceremony could be home or even an exotic location so the decorations for these venues can’t be same. One should implement their creative sense while decorating for the Shagun.

Engagement is a part of pre-wedding ceremony. As it is one of the main rituals of the weddings, the engagement decorations should be well taken care of. It is the occasion when bride and groom meet first time in the presence of elders and exchanges ring so one shouldn’t hesitate giving it a glamorous touch. While doing so the one most take the venue into the consideration.

Mehendi is one of the prime pre-wedding ceremonies where a bride applies henna on her palms in a pursuit to marry the love of her life in a socially sanctioned way. It is why Mehendi decorations become all the more important. As this ritual is full of fun, frolics and entertainment, one must decorate the venue in a way that suits the mood of the occasion.

Wedding Stage is the place where wedding rituals are performed so importance of wedding stage decorations can’t be overlooked. The wedding stage is a Mandap in open which is based on four poles. A well decorated stage sets the mood for the weddings. The family of the couples and couples themselves must express their interest and preference for stage decoration. The ideal stage decoration should be in conformity with chosen wedding theme.

Wedding decorations are much desired and unavoidable part of the wedding celebrations. As wedding music or wedding Sangeet is an essential part of Indian weddings its significance can’t be overruled. Sangeet is a part of pre-wedding ceremony so one must not leave any stone unturned to make it more special by decorating it in an elegant manner. Sangeet ceremony is the event when ladies of the family and relatives come together and enjoy the moments by singing and dancing.

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